Zoom MS-70CDR Multistomp

The Zoom MS-70CDR is the definitive solution to bring several effects directly from a small sized stomp box to your favorite amp, both in front or in the FX loop.

This magic box contains 86 high quality effects that can really dramatically effect your guitar or bass tone.

Walking through a deep description of this great pedal, the MS-70CDR features different modules:

Dynamic Effects/Filters

This section contains all that you need to perfectly shape your tone. Powerful Equalizers for Guitar and Bass and the famous Zoom Noise Reduction that will stop every undesirable hum.


Many chorus algoritms from classic and warm to modern ones. The vintage section contains simulation like TC Electronic Corona Chorus and Tri-Chorus, Boss CH-1 Super Chorus and Chorus Ensemble, MXR M234 Analog Chorus, EH SmallClone and the ADA Flanger. To complete this modulation section the MS-70CDR also includes algorithms of Flanging, Phasing, Pitch Shifting and many others.


26 mono and stereo delays with delay time up to 4 second. Everything in it, Analog and digital delays, multi tap and pitch shifting and more. There are also simulations of Eventide Time Factor, MXR Carbon Copy. Maestro Echoplex EP-3, Line6 M9 TubeEcho, TC Electronic Flashback, Strymon Timeline and Boss DD-20.


With a really powerful 32 bit DSP microchip, the Zoom MS-70CDR is able to perform high quality delay and reverb algoritms, Reverbs are really impressive and we can choose between several type of simulations, including TC Electronic Hall of Fame and Nova, Digitech RV.7, Eventide Space, The Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail and Strymon BlueSky.

A very special mention to the morphing function that keep the last delays or reverb reflection even if you switch to an effect to another.

In the video demonstration we did to explain the MS-70CDR power, we performed an intro using the clean tone of our Engl Screamer 50 Head adding a phase delay and a reverse reverb, giving suspence to the part.

The main distorted parts were performed using the lead Engl channel, adding the great ZNR noise reduction.

In the lead parts you can hear how reverbs and delays sound like, adding some kids with the guitar Equalizer to make the solo cut the mix.

Everything used in the FX loop of the head.

We can suggest this Zoom MS-70CDR to everyone who needs great quality effects in a small box at a really incredible price. Once again we are completely amazed and satisfied by the Multistomp series. Go check them out!

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