Zoom MS-50G Multistomp

The Zoom MS-50G is a really great way to have everything you need to build up a great tone just using a handily, small sized stomp pedal.

The Multistomp series makes possible to have hundred of high quality effects for multiple use, as standalone device or to add pre/post effects to your tone.

Specifically, the Zoom MS-50G perfectly works in every technical context needed, as we show in our video demonstrations that we are go to describe later.

Walking through a deep description of this great pedal, the MS-50G features different modules:

Dynamic Filter

This section contains all you need to shape and control your tone, choosing between different compressors, equalizers, filters and noise reductions. Moreover, there are slow attack, autowah, cry and some famous dynamic simulation as well.


Several overdrive/distortion simulations going from Boss SD-1, to Ibanez TS808 and many others, with incredible warmth and tone.


This is a significant section of the Zoom MS-50G. Few but really great sounding amp simulations you can use live or in studio contexts. 8 amp simulation (Fender Twin Reverb ’65, Fender Deluxe Reverb ’65, Fender Tweed Bassman, Vox AC-30, Marshall 1959, Diezel Herbert,Two Rock Emerald 50 and Engl Invader) and very useful cab models for a professional standalone use.

Modulation/Special effects

13 different modulation, classic phaser, flanger, chorus, octave, tremolo and intelligent pitch shifter/harmonizer, step sequencer.


With a really powerful 32 bit DSP microchip, the Zoom MS-50G is able to perform high quality delay and reverb algoritms, vintage delays and echoes, reverse and pitched delays as well.

A special mention to the really good Acoustic simulation that provides a realistic tone, surely better than most expensive devices on the market.

Now let’s take a look to the different way of use of this Zoom Multistomp pedal


It’s unbelievable how good simulations are in this MS-50G. As you can hear and see in the video below, the pedal provides the main rhythm distortion tones in this tune. An incredibly Diezel simulation easily tweakable with the use of multiple equalizers, pre/post the tone stack. The use of overdrive pedals simulation can dramatically improve the whole tone as well. Strongly advised for studio recordings or in live situations directly connected into a PA/Mixer.


Are you already satisfied with the original one of your favorite amplifier? Well, you can use the Zoom MS-50G as a normal stomp box, in front of your amp or in the FX loop. In the video below we used a Rat simulation directly in front of the amp, adding filters, modulation and ambience for the different tune parts.

Definitely a great device with a really affordable price, great tones and a rugged construction. Cause of the small size of the stomp box its use is not so intuitive, but with few hours of practicing the device will have no secrets for you, even if an editor could really simplify the job. Enjoy it!

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