Zoom G5n

The Zoom brand, after years of guitar sound engineering came out with this amazing multi-fx G5n, that joined the already full Zoom catalog for all guitar players.

After multiple awarded G1, G3, G5 series and the incredible Multisomp series this pedalboard promises to provide several tone solutions for our guitar needs.

The Zoom G5n is packaged in a fancy box with the pedalboard images and functions stamped on it and inside we find the unit, user manuals and an adapter.

At a first sight the G5n looks gorgeous, solid and properly built. The black chassis is made in solid metal that is really great for an intensive on the road use.

On the front panel we find 4 metal switches that recall effects and patches you need to engage and below 5 plastic pedals that engage the tuner, banks scrolling and tap tempo function.

Just upon the 4 metal switches we find 4 LCD displays with 4 knobs that regulates the modules parameters and two mini bottoms to recall them.

A very long overview display will show you the multiple general functions and setting and, most important of all, the chain of the patch you are working on, where you can move effects blocks wherever you need.

Output booster, Master Volume, Expression pedal and connectivities complete the Zoom G5n hardware features.

If it could appear a little difficult to organize and set tones just after switching the unit on, but you will find the programming experience very easy just after few hours of work. It could be useful remembering that user can plug the Zoom G5n directly in the DAW as for a PA or a guitar amp.

The tone possibilities provided are several:

  • 68 onboard high-quality digital effects, including Distortion, Overdrive, EQ, Compression, Delay, Reverb, Flanging, Chorusing and Phasing.
  • 5 new amp emulators (JCM800, AC30, MarkIII, Twin Reverb, Bogner Ecstasy) and 5 matched cabinets.
  • 68 built in Drum patterns, great for practicing.
  • Easy use of 9 effects simultaneously, chained together in any order.

After few minutes spent listening to the onboard presets we approach to the discovery of the Zoom G5n secrets. As often happens for every device like this, factory presets does not show what the multi-fx could really provide, so we try to arrange different patches that you can check out in our video demo.

Basically amp emulations are really good and a proper use of the several EQs could definitely cancel that digital taste typical of those kind of devices.

The editing flexibility gives provides several tone shades and possibilities, and we can easily reach clean and crispy tones as well as rock crunch and metal tones.

To increase the tone morphing and shaping possibilities we have the high quality of Zoom modulations, dynamics and ambience effects, always really impressive and the dynamic response while playing our favorite guitar is really nice and realistic.

Definitely another great product with a really small price, it will not you disappoint even compared to most pricy devices.

Check our video demos to know more about this Zoom G5n.

We are grateful to Mogar Music, exclusive Zoom dealer for Italy.

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