Washburn Solar 16 PX-SOLAR16TBLM

Ola Englund is the guitar player/producer of the moment. His great skill in the guitar gear demonstrations and as metal producer, in combination with a huge guitar technique made him a benchmark in the new metal heads generations an not only.

For some year Washburn has a whole 6-7 strings guitar line totally dedicated and endorsed by the swedish guitarist (in the PARALLAXE series) that designed every side of the guitar itself, from the woods choice until pickups.

Clear result of this collaboration is the “SOLAR” line of guitars, great looking and performing and today we are go to review the SOLAR16-TBLM.


As the whole Solar serie this guitar is really great looking and metal oriented. A very thin matte finish that enhance the beautiful ash body, a simple but effective design and really precise construction made this guitar great to look and touch. The reverse headstock and its shaper make the design modern and fresh and the black hardware complete this beautiful instrument.


The Washburn Solar 16 is a “superstrat” made in Ash, set-in maple neck and a beautiful Trans Blue Matte finish. The fingerboard is 24 frets in ebony, always tuned all the way long thanks the Buzz Feiten System.

The pickups are Seymour Duncan Solar for a pristine clear clean tones and super tight rhythm and riffs, an Hipshot bridge and Grover Exclusive 18:1 tuners.


Plugging the Solar 16 into different Randall heads we are pleasantly impressed but the playability of the instrument and the transparency of the Duncan pickups. The pickups output is not so high and that allows to perform tight riffing and clear distorted chore parts, without loosing definition.

The Ash for the body makes possible to tune our guitar really low, giving back a really clear and defined tone, never too flabby or muddy, thanks to the wood response in the mid-high registers.

Witch a 5 ways switching system and a couple of medium output pickups this Washburn Solar16 is so versatile not only in metal context and this is a geeat discover for us.


Awesome instrument with a great price performance. Washburn give us a great instrument for a fair price, with better features then many competitors in this price range. Waiting to check out other Washburn Solar instrument we invite you to check our video demo. We are grateful to Master Music S.R.L. for their support.

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