Randall EOD88

Proudly inspired in the name, look and most important of all in the tone to the Heavy Metal roots, this Randall EOD88 “Element of Doom” complete the amazing Randall catalog of amps, already full of great products.

An head really simple in the look and functions, but with a really heavy, beefy and textured tone, that reminds to pentatonic riffs played at really low beats.

Simplicity great construction and a really tasty tone on it!


With this small size, a bright red tolex and simple engineering this EOD88 could remind to an old Orange or Matamp head. Decorations in the front panel are not really recommended to the pop musicians and makes the idea of the range of customers it is suggested to.


  • The RANDALL EOD88 “Element of Doom” is almost a single channel with 3 different gain stages and the following features:
  • 88 Watt provided by 2 KT88 Tubes.
  • 3 12AX7 Preamplifiers tube.
  • 3 Different gain stages.
  • Switchable Fuzz circuit. Pedalboard included.
  • Weight 15.70 kg.


The tube set, the great Fuzz circuit and the whole tone of this amp make no doubt about the musical style the EOD88 is suggested for. Sabbath, Doom Stoner and why not, BLS’s Stronger Then Death lovers will find in this Randall head an amazing voice for their tone needs. We have almost no no clean tone on it and our suggestion is to lower the gain turning the master all the way up to clean to tone as much as possible, using the great KT88 breath. The first gain stage provides a good amount of gain , that remains always tight even if the gain knob is cranked up. Engaging the second stage of gain the tone becomes pleasantly less defined but really beefy with nice low ends. Playing with this Randall EOD88, that we consider as a really “heavy riffs machine” is a grateful experience, considering the whole tone provided and the typology of the product. A special mention to the Fuzz circuit, that swell the tone and square the wave, making playing it so fun and inspiring.


Another little masterpiece a great sounding amp that will not disappoint and ready to be checked out in your favorite shop. A modern version of an historic tone that we’ll love forever. Go check this amazing Randall EOD88 “Element of doom” out watching our demos.

We are grateful to Music Master S.R.L. exclusive Randall dealer for Italy.

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