Mesa Boogie Cabclone

Mesa Boogie heralds a new era of cab simulation introducing the Cabclone. This new magic box allows to interface our favorite amplifier to a mixing console or any other audio unit without the necessary using of a speaker cab, making our guitar tracking really easier.

The Cabclone is also a compensated headphone driver that delivers a great tone from our amp, making possible to play it at night as well and features an internal resistive load that capture the direct signal of amps rated at maximum 150 Watt.

As for every Mesa Boogie product, the Cabclone has a great appearance, sold in a good quality black package it looks made with excellent materials and rugged construction.

We tested this piece of gear with two of the most rated and desired Mesa amps out there: a Mesa Dual rectifier 2 channels (Rev G) and an original ’83 Mark IIC+ head.

Differently from many negative feedbacks about this cab simulator, most of the time influenced by the inability to set the amp properly, we really appreciated the tone delivered from the Cabclone and its features.

Walking through the 3 different modes (Closed back - Open Back - Vintage) the differences tone provided are great, full working for stand alone playing or guitar recording.

A short description of the Cabclone modes:

  • Closed back: Simulation of a 4x12 cabinet loaded with Celestion V30 speakers, great for heavy chops.
  • Open back: Great for sparkling cleans and rhythms.
  • Vintage: Mid focused tone, darker then the previous mode is great for blues and jazz.

The Mesa Boogie Cabclone is a really underrated product, but we are sure that it will achieve results it deserves.

Go check out the Cabclone on our video demo!

Our thanks to Mogar Music for their collaboration.

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