Since first releases the Ibanez Iron Label are well known as great instruments with an affordable price but great playing and sounding, particularly addicted to metal and with a great visual appearance.

In our opinion the whole IRON LABEL series is the best in terms of quality and features for this range of price, in Choptones itself we use several Ibanez Iron Label models, going from 6 to 8 strings as well.

The model we are go to review is an Ibanez RGIT27FE-NTF, a down tuning metal axe with great sound and feeling.


Once opened the Ibanez packaging we approach to this beautiful guitar in an “healthy” satin natural finish, that allows to see the good quality of woods and the fine construction of the instrument.

Talking about woods, we have ash for body wings, ebony for the fretboard and a 7 pieces maple/walnut neck-through neck.

The ebony is not so black and compact as in other models, but it will reach a darker tonality just after some weeks of dedicated playing.

Two EMG humbuckers, just one volume knob, Killswitch, pickups switch and a Gibraltar fixed bridge take place on the top of the body.

The idea is to grab in our hands a premium instrument, with a great fret wearing and a great aesthetic work on the particulars.


This Ibanez 7 string is born to rock, or better, to metal! The Ultra thin neck profile makes possible to play fast and accurate and the instrument is always really comfortable even playing the 7th string.

In our opinion the ash is a great choice too get a defined full of attack tone, with a great bite on the lower strings, always clear and never to dark. Great playing with palm muting it provides a very rich percussive sound. Notes are always well sustained and you’ll find this guitar great both for rhythm and soloing as well.

Clean tones, maybe due to the pickups, are not the best but we can easily arrange a tone for metal, For example, just adding a few chorus or delay we have a nice tone for ’90 new metal chops.


The Ibanez brand stands for great instrument and this IRON LABEL 7 string will not disappoint you. A great instrument for a reasonable price, with a great setup and ready to play, maybe the only sore point is that it is not sold with an hard or soft case.

To know more about the IBANEZ RGIT27FE-NTF please check out our video demo.

Many thanks to Mogar Music, exclusive Ibanez dealer for Italy.

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