Ibanez Prestige Uppercut FR6UC-BKF

When the Ibanez FR series came out into the market we were obviously surprised by the classic and modern at the same time concept and the great sound of that new at the time axe. That first issue included two prestige models in different finishing but with the same quality and appeal.

So, if someone out there was wondering if Ibanez could do something better with this Tele oriented and inspired type of guitar, yes they got it!

As previously said about the mighty ARZ6UC, this Ibanez Prestige FR6UC Uppercut is, once again, a modern redefinition of a classic with modern features and a Rock/Metal oriented feel.

Here some features

  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck: Wizard HP 5 pieces Maple/Walnut
  • Fretboard: Ebony with 24 Jumbo frets
  • Bridge: Tight End bridge
  • Machineheads: Gotoh Magnum Lock
  • Pickups: Bare Knuckle Aftermath (Ceramic for the bridge, Alnico for the neck) driven by a 5 way switch

Sold in a beautiful Ibanez Hard Case Shell, the Ibanez FR6UC is the real “Holy Grail” for the Metal player.

A stunning Satin black finish, the distressed Pickups and, most important of all, the tone, leave no doubt about the target of player for this axe.

The guitar is well balanced with a really amazing Wizard HP profile neck, with a comfort and feeling experience at its best. This really fast neck allows the player to shred all along the neck even if using thicker string gauges.

Plugging the guitar into the amp we suddenly hear the particular voice of the Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups, really dedicated (..and suggested) for down and drop tunings.

Especially hearing the bridge one (ceramic) we can feel a dramatic low cut that will help playing fast and dow tuned riffs without loosing tightness and clarity!

The Ibanez FR6UC plays great on big distorted tones, never resulting muddy or confused, with a lovable voice on lead tones and a modern flat response on higher range.

Going through clean tones as well the tone is big and articulated on everyone of the 5 switch positions. As we show in the guitar playthrough demo every position will be useful in the guitarist tone research.

Once again we suggest this instruments for metal and quality lovers, being sure of the great value of this instrument.

Please check out our video demos to approach this mighty Ibanez FR6UC Uppercut.

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