Ibanez RGDIX7MPB-SBB Iron Label 2016

The Iron Label guitars are some of the bestselling great sounding instruments of the new Ibanez universe, always fresh a full of nice new products.

Really easy and comfortable to play, the Iron Label series is a standard for metal and rock guitarists and features are what the best the market can offer for that range of price.

The guitar we are going to review is the RGDIX7MPB, a 7 string axe with the classy RGD shape and a stunning wood choice and finishing.


Neck: 3 pieces Maple/Bubinga Wizard-7

Body: Poplar Burl top/Layered Ash body

Fretboard: Birdseye Maple

Fret: Jumbo frets

Bridge: Gibraltar Standard II-7 bridge

Pickups: Dimarzio Fusion Edge

The first impact at the sight of this beautiful Ibanez RGDIX7MPB is of a really expensive instrument. Everything is perfect in term of finishes and the burl top with the layered body is simply amazing.

We have to say that Indonesian production gained really high standard of quality and we can have great instruments with really affordable prices.

The natural satin finish of the instrument is so nice to feel and we can see the great quality of woods used. The birdseye maple fretboard perfectly matches with the clarity of the Ash.

We could stay hours watching this state of the art guitar, but it’s time to plug it and check how the tone and playability are.

For this review we opted for an holy grail of metal amplification, the Mesa Boogie 3 channels Dual Rectifier head. Obviously dedicated to metal players, the Ibanez RGDIX7MPB unleashes is power and tone texture on those high gain amps offering a real clear intelligible tone both playing articulated chords and low tuned riffs as well.

The clarity and mids biting frequencies that a maple fretboard can provide perfectly suits for djenty riffs style and articulated staccato picking phrasing.

The pickups set is very transparent and release a great amount of gain, never too muddy and confused. Playing riffs on the seventh string is really funny and unleashes our metal-creativity. From this year, are the brand new DiMarzio Fusion Edge (Ceramic / Passive) equipping the guitar.

Solo lines have great attack on every note, and the neck profile is really comfortable and fast, like every Ibanez instrument.

The Ibanez RGDIX7MPB doesn’t disappoint switching to the clean channel as well. Clean tones are sparkling and the texture is rich and articulated.

A great instrument for a great price. Go check it out if you look for a modern, great sounding, seven string guitar.

Go check our video demonstration to hear how this instrument sounds like.

We are grateful to Mogar Music, exclusive Ibanez dealer for Italy, for making this review and demo possible.

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