Ibanez RGAIX6FM-TGF Iron Label 2016

The RGA series took place in the Ibanez catalog in the 2007, giving a new fresh option to the modern guitarist with 3 Prestige models. Its arched flame maple top and the harmony of the whole shape was just stunning and the tone delivered articulated and rich. In the 2016 Ibanez brings this premium series to a new life, offering it with the modern Iron Label features.

The Ibanez RGAIX is a great instrument with high quality features and a look that will just blow your mind. Available both in 6 and 7 strings version this ergonomic and comfortable axe features:

Mahogany body with an arched flame maple top

Bound ebony fingerboard with jumbo frets

Ultra fast Nitro Wizard 3pc Maple/Bubinga neck

Gotoh locking machine heads and Gibraltar bridge

Dimarzio Fusion with coil tap switch.

Thanks to Mogar Music, Ibanez exclusive dealer for Italy, we had the possibility to play and check out an outstanding RGAIX 6 strings version, that you can hear and see in our video demos.

Born for Metal and more this great axe is really comfortable to play and we can easily notice the great quality of its construction. The Maple/Mahogany combo works perfectly as usual, giving a warm, full textured colour to the tone, while the ebony fretboard is great to play, delivering a fast response tone with tight low-end. The guitar is really comfortable to play in every part of the neck and the whole tone is rich and distinctive. The Dimarzio pickups, engineered to recreate a modern, powerful and clear tone are perfectly calibrated for this choice of woods. Moreover, equipping the guitar with a coil switch gives an incredible number of tones available, including a sweet out of phase tone in central position.

We tested the Ibanez RGAIX playing it in many guitar context, and we can say that this beautiful instrument it’s not just for metal!

Definitely once again a great instrument that we are sure will be a bestseller for its quality and price. Go check our demos out and you will fall in love. Enjoy!

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