Gallien Krueger MB210II

Gallien-Krueger is synonymous of fine bass amplification, going through several decades and shaping the tone of more than a generation of musicians.

The amp we are go to present and review is the Gallien-Krueger MB 210 II, a combo for medium gigs with a great voice and modern features.

The Gallien-Krueger MB 210 II is a superb light weight amp, with a modern ergonomic design that allows the player to carry his tone around with no stress for his body. Effortless transport for rehearsals and a mighty power (350W switchable to 500W plugging an external speaker) for every musical need and a rugged construction that provides lasting protection.

The Eq section is active and directly engineered on the famous Gallien-Krueger 800RB. For this section we find knobs that will adjust TREBLE, HI-MID, LO-MID, BASS and a contour switch that will dramatically shape the mid-range frequencies.

Moreover, on the recessed panel of the amp we find controls for GAIN, BOOST, MASTER OUTPUT and 2 switches that engage a limiter circuit and the horn. Input , direct out ( with pre/post switch) and chain out complete the connectivity of the amp.

The cabinet, perfectly damped to reduce any undesired noise and frequency, is loaded with 2 GK USA 10” drivers, designed just for this cabinet and a horn, as previously said.

Now it’s time to check how this amp sounds like, using different bass guitars equipped with different pickups to hear how the Gallien-Krueger MB 210 II can perform in different musical situation.

The tone is really warm and powerful and great for every situation. It’s unbelievable how loud this amp could be and the high quality tone provided in comparison with its light weight. We can play Metal, rock, jazz and blues lines and the tone will be always appropriate and properly delivered by the 2 custom speakers.

The active section is really powerful and allows to give the tone the perfect shape needed for the playing style we use such as Thumb&Slap, Finger style or just using a pick.

Even using the direct out directly in a PA the tone is still full of texture and really dynamic.

Considering the low price of the amp we suggest it to musicians that needs a no compromising high quality tone without spending lot of money. It is great for garage playing and medium stages as well and the tone response surely will not disappoint.

Go watch and hear how this Gallien-Krueger MB 210 II sounds like checking our video demos!

We are grateful to Master Music, exclusive Gallien-Krueger dealer for Italy, for collaboration and support.

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