Engl Invader 2 E642/2

A second edition for one of the most claimed Engl head out there, in a nice party suit for the Company 30th birthday and ready to be tone modded as you like the most!

The Engl Invader E642/2 is a 100 Watt head, driven by 4 EL-34 and 4 12AX7 tubes, 4 totally independent channels, every one with its own EQ, Gain, Volume and High/Low gain mode, 2 different masters and many more interesting features.

The version we got directly for this demo from Mogar Music, exclusive Engl dealer for Italy, is completed by the amazing Z-16 module that can make possible every kind of tone mod once mounted on the back of the head.

This head is full midi programmable and driven by the dedicated Engl Z-9 pedalboard.


As for the majority of the Engl amps and heads the look is really aggressive, and reminds us the most indicated musical genres for this great ENGL INVADER 2.

The front grille logo and knobs are made in a shiny chrome color and the front panel is in a nice matt steel. Everything is so fancy and the high luminosity leds enrich the look.

As previously said we added the optional Z-16 module (a deep focus for this one in a next review) completing the back of the head with noise reduction, FX loop controls and various connections.


Once plugged the ENGL INVADER to a 4x12 Engl cabinet with Celestion V60 speakers we start our tone analysis.

The 4 channel can be used in both Low/High gain modes and some pots in the back of the head regulate the volume difference between the 2 modes in each channel. The sound button provides a “sound shaping” present that adds various features to the different channels and modes.

Huge varieties of tones for each channel, that finally sound different from each other and give almost infinite tone combinations.

The first channel, a nice and rich clean tone with boostable gain in high gain mode, is really articulated for an Engl amp. Full of headroom and perfectly shaped for every kind of clean guitar playing, arpeggios or single notes. Cranking the gain up the tone becomes really indicated for blues licks as well.

The second channel, with more bite then the first, is a plexi style tone dealer, really great and usable in every gain knob setting.

The third channel delivers a rich and full of tone crunch sound, great for multiple using and blinking the eye to 80’s style rock, warm enough for melodic solos and tight for shredding lines as well.

The fourth channel is dedicated to more extreme tones, but differently from other Engl heads has more “manageable” mid range, reminding us the great Rivera crunch, maybe not so sweet, but cut mixing.


This ENGL INVADER 2 E642/2 is mainly oriented for rock and metal performances. But, this time don't let be fooled! Clean and crunch tones will surprise you, and will be great also in less heavy contexts.

Thanks to Mogar Music

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