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Engl 2016 Pedals Series

The brand Engl, after years spent in the guitar amplification, lands on the pedal market with 6 brand new pedals and a really innovative system of interfacing for those magic little boxes.

As previously said 6 pedals, that run through distortion, ambience and modulation, with a rugged construction and a really cool sound shaping.

The great innovation is the Secret Connecting System that allows you to connect the pedal without plugging any cable between them and giving power just plugging one pedal to an external power supply.

The SCS is mode in 2 version ( 4 or 6 pedals) and it is a great way to have a pure signal chain, in a compact, really efficient device.


Retro This pedal is based on the famous Engl Retro Tube, a warm rock tone that goes since the beginning the hardrock since modern soloing. Really nice as boost pedal for your favorite head or amp.

Reaper The Reaper is based on one of the Engl trademark tone PowerBall II, a great distortion for rock and metal, great definition and texture with an high amount of gain available.

Straight to Hell A huge big distortion pedal particularly appropriate for extreme metal tones. A wide range of frequencies and the feel of having a Victor Smolsky limited edition head in a compact pedal: just awesome!

Delay It was really strange watching a delay pedal with the Engl logo on it but let we say that this is just amazing. An essential device with few controls but a great delay tone. We used it both on clean tones and solo and it was really funny to deal with it.

Chorus Try this pedal before and after the tone stack, for dirty and “Wylde” soloing or to add space to clean tones. Speed, depth and detune controls and a switch that allows you to use this pedal as a chorus or vibrato as well.

Compressor Great compressor pedal that allows to compensate and control the dynamics, great on clean tones for funky strummings or to make your guitar solo beefy and dynamically smooth.

Go check our video demos to get the real idea about how Engl Pedals sounds like.

We are grateful to Mogar Music and to Engl Amps for the great opportunity of this exclusive demo just for Choptones.

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