Driftwood Purple Nightmare

The world of the modern guitar player is full of new gear proposals and we can choose between many way to conceive the guitar sound and playing. The “ profiling” world has affected the typical guitar playing and hundreds go guitars and amplifiers manufactures try to take their place in the market, but it is not so easy to find something that really catches our tastes.

Driftwood, in our opinion, is the exception that proves the rule. The “Driftwood” head represent an great improvement in the guitar amplifying world. The Manufacturer idea is really simple: give a great sounding amp, with modern features, nothing unnecessary and master grade components.

Two great channels, separated eq, double master volume, embedded TS808 circuit and a nice working noise suppressor: many features and a really great tone.

The head we are go to review is an amazing DRIFTWOOD PURPLE NIGHTMARE 100, directly sent from the factory itself with great custom options.


This PURPLE NIGHTMARE we are talking about is a full option model: Flamed Maple for the frontal panel with a custom painting, 2x6L6 + 2xKT88 power tubes, excellent noise suppressor for both channels and footswitch.

This head is perfectly built, and materials are of great quality. The first impression is of an instrument built for an intense use live and in the studio. On the frontal side of the head we can find all the potentiometers dedicated to adjust the tone of both channels, on-off, stand-by and channels switches. On the rear panel take place loop fx and noise suppressor controls and cabinet plugs.


Once plugged the head into a standard Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabs. loaded with Celestion V30, we start to explore the two channels and the relative modes.

The clean channel becomes sparkling with the “mode” switch use, but is always ready to rock, becoming angry just adding more push with our right hand. Setting up the volume and gain knobs the tones bedomes really distorted and with the help of the embedded TS808 circuit we can build up a crunchy third channel.

The lead channel in the DRIFTWOOD PURPLE NIGHTMARE is simply amazing, a rich beefy tone full of power and classy.

Playing this head we can hear lots of color shades, a tone great for every kind of music just adjust eq and gain controls.

Rhythm chops and soloing licks become really tight and sustained just adding the nice TS808, making the tone rich of harmonics.

Even if the channels are just two the combinations will be multiple. For exampe we can assign the TS808 to the second master so we can easily go from a tight distorted rhythm tome to creamy leads.

The 2 Watt NIghtswitch, moreover, allows to play with this head at night, providing just 2 watts of pure Driftwood tone.


A great amp, pure tube tone with great possibilities of use. A professional instrument at the top of the world of guitar amplification.

To hear how the DRIFTWOOD PURPLE NIGHTMARE sounds like please take a look to our demos. For further informations please visit:


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