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Aria XM-9WH

Looking among the huge guitars offer in the field of metal axis, the Aria XM9 was a nice discover for us, for its look, construction and playability.

Great deal for this range of price, the Aria XM9 is a modern instrument with premium features:

  • Basswood with carved top body
  • Maple neck
  • Rosewood, 24 frets fingerboard
  • 25, 5 inches scale
  • EMG 85 (N) - EMG 81 (B) pickups
  • Floyd Rose Licensed bridge

Master Music, exclusive Aria Guitars dealer for Italy, gave us the possibility to check out this beautiful instrument and we are really grateful to them. Finished in a glossy white with a nice black body binding the Aria XM9 looks aggressive and classic at the same time. Everything on this guitar is matched to look and sound good as well.

We are not great active pickups fan, but the woods and EMG combination on this instrument makes it sound big and fat. Distorted riffs and chords, as you can hear in our video demonstrations, sound big and beefy, and clean tones are accurate and vivid.

The sustain for this guitar is great allowing a comfortable solo playing, that becomes really wild with the use of the “always in tune” Floyd Rose Licensed Bridge.

The dressing of the fretboard is accurate and the instrument is perfectly tuned in every fretboard position.

Definitely a great deal, go check this Aria XM9 and you won’t be disappointed.

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