Aria SB-CB Bass (Cliff Burton)

When we think about Aria Pro II bass series our thoughts go to the beloved Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, unfortunately passed away 30 years ago. His eclectic and modern bass playing and is style still influences the new metal heads around the world.

The SB Aria bass series includes many model inspired to the original Cliff bass guitar, and this Aria Pro II SB-CB is the natural tribute to the Metallica artist.

Born to recreate the features of the most famous (and pricey!) Aria Pro II SB-Black’n Gold I, the official Burton tribute bass, this SB-CB promises to deliver that unique tone with an affordable price.

Here we have a short description of this Aria features:

Ash Body

Maple / Walnut 7 ply, Neck-thru-body, Heel-Less cutaway neck

Ebony fingerboard with 24 frets

MB-2E Double Coil pickup

Attack mode selector switch, Volume, Tone and Bypass switch

The Aria Pro II SB-CB also features the famous BB Circuit that provides a big tone flexibility just moving the knob, offering six presets that change the low pass frequencies giving different shapes to the whole tone.

Aesthetically the instrument is really good looking, with a perfect black finish that greatly matches with the ebony of the fretboard and the cat eye fret inlays makes the bass a bridge between modern and vintage.

Plugging this beautiful Aria SB-CB into our favorite bass combos and heads we started to explore the really big tone possibilities that it could provide. The tone is hard and strong like a rock with a great mid biting, great for the use with an overdrive pedal. The neck-thru construction gives a long standing really impressive sustain and the tone becomes bigger and warmer just walking up the fingerboard. In both distorted and clean situation the bass works perfectly and we can easily go from slap to finger style walking through different genres.

Paying our tribute to the 80’s Metal Gods we played the Aria Pro II SB-CB with pick as well, adding a bright and percussive attack to the notes. The Attack mode selector switch, moreover, allows the player to suddenly change between a fat rhythm tone to a mid cutting solo sound

Definitely a great instrument at a great price, go check it out watching at earing our video demo. We are grateful to Master Music, exclusive Aria dealer for Italy, for collaboration and support.

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