Zoom G3n / G3Xn

Do you need something that recreates the great quality tones of the G5n but in a short version plus a more affordable price? The new Zoom G3Xn is the answer, a compact device at a great price that surely will blow your mind.


Zoom G5n

The Zoom brand, after years of guitar sound engineering came out with this amazing multi-fx G5n, that joined the already full Zoom catalog for all guitar players.


Aria SB-CB Bass (Cliff Burton)

When we think about Aria Pro II bass series our thoughts go to the beloved Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, unfortunately passed away 30 years ago. His eclectic and modern bass playing and is style still influences the new metal heads around the world.


Gallien Krueger MB210II

Gallien-Krueger is synonymous of fine bass amplification, going through several decades and shaping the tone of more than a generation of musicians. The amp we are go to present and review is the Gallien-Krueger MB 210 II, a combo for medium gigs with a great voice and modern features.

Ibanez RGDIX7MPB-SBB Iron Label 2016

The Iron Label guitars are some of the bestselling great sounding instruments of the new Ibanez universe, always fresh a full of nice new products. Let's hear the RGDIX7MPB, a 7 string axe with the classy RGD shape and a stunning wood choice and finishing.

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Aria XM-9WH

Looking among the huge guitars offer in the field of metal axis, the Aria XM9 was a nice discover for us, for its look, construction and playability.

PedaliEngl 3 small

Engl 2016 Pedals Series

The brand Engl, after years spent in the guitar amplification, lands on the pedal market with 6 brand new pedals and a really innovative system of interfacing for those magic little boxes.

Washburn Solar 16 PX-SOLAR16TBLM

For some year Washburn has a whole 6-7 strings guitar line totally dedicated and endorsed by the swedish guitarist Ola Englund that designed every side of the guitar itself, from the woods choice until pickups.


Randall EOD88

Proudly inspired in the name, look and most important of all in the tone to the Heavy Metal roots, this Randall EOD88 “Element of Doom” complete the amazing Randall catalog of amps, already full of great products.

Engl Invader 2 E642/2

A second edition for one of the most claimed Engl head out there, in a nice party suit for the Company 30th birthday and ready to be tone modded as you like the most!



Since first releases the Ibanez Iron Label are well known as great instrument with an affordable price but great playing and sounding, particularly addicted to metal and with a great visual appearance.


Driftwood Purple Nightmare

The Driftwood head represent an great improvement in the guitar amplifying world. The Manufacturer idea is really simple: give a great sounding amp, with modern features, nothing unnecessary and master grade components.

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